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Ibrahim Iqbal

Data Storyteller

I manage growth analytics for a regional hospitality startup based out of Singapore. In my primary professional capacity, I strive towards empowering the business to make more of their decisions in a data-driven approach while still factoring in the human psychology involved in the decision making process. My career has taken me through consulting for Singapore's broadcasting agency, growing the analytics team in a marketing agency where the agency size quadrupled as well as an Asian hospitality startup which empowered mobile technologies for business travellers. I am passionate about meaningful conversations, connecting meaningfully with people near and far, partial digital nomadism, and travelling esp in long distance train rides and eating & drinking locally popular items , with locals and partial / full-time remote working folks. I also love music festivals and film festivals as a way to get introduced to more cultures. You are welcome to chat with me if you are considering consulting or life in marketing agencies or startups.

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