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Linda Pettigrew

Author, Former Professional Model, Entrepreneur

(Pen Name: LJ Black)

I began my journey as a writer when I was 13 years old having watched a movie that inspired me so greatly that a novel jumped out of me! I wrote over 300 pages in two hours and I knew I wanted to be a creative writer. More than 30 novels later in the span of 4 years and I had found my life’s passion. From world building, characterization, motivation and plot twists, writing can be an expression, stories can be entertaining, or thoughtful. Tell your own story, or someone else’s - your writing can be motivating and exciting, transporting, a balm, or enlightening. Authors and writers provide the backbone of our society, inspire movements, or even be destructive. The power of the written word can even make money.

I specialize in creative and persuasive writing. My first novel “Deathwish” was published in 2008. I am currently writing two series of novels: Streetwalkers and Blessed Trilogy.

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