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Rahul Daswani

Futurist and Intrapreneur

I am a Futurist, Intrapraneur, Coach, and Ex-McKinsey Consultant. Passionate about designing and implementing organization-wide initiatives to build capabilities, I have over 12 years of experience founding or being in the early stages of five government startups in Singapore, Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea. I am the Country Advisor for the Center for Asia Leadership in Singapore, and I teach and speak on panels on futures thinking, strategy, adaptive leadership, agile leadership, future of work, future workforce, enhancing organizational performance, and building capabilities across Southeast Asia.

During my work as Senior Strategist at the Centre for Strategic Futures in Singapore's Prime Minister’s Office, I used futures thinking to anticipate and build opportunities for various organisations to consider over the next 15-20 years. I also spent some time at SkillsFuture Singapore, examining trends of skills required for the new economy. Since then, I moved to the Ministry of Home Affairs, kickstarting its futures team into high gear, looking especially at how technology could be used to keep Singapore safe, and the possible threats to look out for. I build and run operations for diverse organizations using an agile approach with futures thinking has helped bring my clients to specific, time-bound solutions customized to their vision and contexts.

I am also an executive and career coach, certified by Executive Coach International, having completed the Professional Coach Training Program, and I am also a ProSci-certified Change Management Practitioner. I hold a Masters of Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government focusing on political and economic development.

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