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Zainah Zainalabidin

Architect & Interior Designer

My career in architecture, interior design and urban design spans four continents and covers every element of design and project management leadership. I acquired my architecture education and training in Miami, Cambridge (USA), London, Venice, Amsterdam and Kuala Lumpur. I have extensive experience in commercial, hospitality and residential architecture as well as interior design.

Traveling is a lifelong passion of mine. My travels include more than forty countries covering Europe, Asia, North America and Africa. As an avid photographer, I enjoy using my artistic talent to document my adventures. While pursuing my interests, I had the opportunity to live in sixteen cities in seven different countries: United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Myanmar and Malaysia. I am currently based in the United States and enjoy a three-month sojourn in Malaysia annually.

Architecture is fascinating because it is a balanced fusion of science disciplines and artistic sensibility. For the devoted candidate, architecture can be highly rewarding. I understand the day to day reality of the industry and what it takes to be a successful architect. You are welcome to chat with me if you are considering the field of architecture, interior design or urban design as a career choice.

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