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Creative Arts

Aleksandra Lis, Art Gallery Director, Singapore - Coming soon!
Clare Haxby, Artist, UK - Coming soon!
Guillaume Levy-Lambert, Art Gallery Owner, Singapore - Coming soon!
Liezel Le Roux, Gemologist, Jewelry maker, Singapore

Ri Chang, Experience Artist, Singapore
Quincilia Siah, Professional Organiser, Canada
Willy Foo, Photography Studio Owner, Singapore



Stuart Stephen Clifford, Lecturer of the Arts, Singapore
Swaine Chen, Associate Professor of Medicine, Singapore

Zahili Gonzalez Zamora, Assistant Professor - Piano Dept, Boston, USA - Coming soon!

Annalisa Burgos, TV News Anchor/Journalist/Media Trainer, Hawaii, USA
Caroline Cornelius-Jones, Bubble-ologist, Singapore - Coming soon!

Cheryl Miles, Radio Presenter, Singapore

Cynthia MacQuarrie, Shobiztress, Singapore

Derrick Siu, Voice, Movement + Presenting Coach, Australia

Farah Dawood de Morais, Professional Dancer, Singapore
Henrik Cheng, Theatre Generalist, Singapore
Kirstie Boerst, Creative Producer Film and Video. Creative Arts Educator, Australia

Loretta Chen, Theatre Director, USA - Coming soon!

Stephanie Bovis, Emcee, Actress, Yoga Teacher

Fashion & Make Up

David Mercer, Artistic Director, Indonesia - Coming Soon!
Esther Lim, Modelling Agency Owner, Singapore -
Coming soon!
JP Rangle, Fashion Designer, USA - Coming soon!
June Goh, Creative Director, Singapore 


Food & Beverage
Drew Nocente, Chef & Restaurant Owner, Singapore - Coming soon!

Juwanda Hassim, Baker, Singapore
Kamil Foltan, Food & Beverage Consultant, Singapore

Health & Wellness

Angela Jacobsen, Nanny, Australia

Cheryl Ye-Lim, Speech Language Pathologist, Australia
Cynthia Fung Blust, GYROTONIC® Studio Owner & Instructor, Singapore
Dr. Deborah Wong, Medical Doctor, Health and Wellness Entrepreneur and Consultant, Singapore

Ronald Villegas, Clinical Myotherapist, Singapore
Zoya Holland, Yoga & Pilates Instructor, Singapore

Marketing, PR & Sales
Marie Hinsley, Public Relations Consultant, Singapore
Mylinh Lee, Global Public Relations Consultant, Melbourne

Shar Lane Lee, Director of Sales & Marketing, Hong Kong - Coming soon!


Professional Services

Ella Sherman, Director of Human Resources & People Talent
Eoin Moynihan, Attorney, USA
Ibrahim Iqbal, Data Storyteller, Singapore

Nadia Moynihan, Lawyer, Singapore
Rahul Daswani, Futurist and Intrapreneur, Singapore

Zainah Zainalabidin, Architect & Interior Designer, USA & Malaysia

Holly Graham, Managing Editor, Hong Kong
James Thoo, Screenwriter & Author, Singapore
Linda Pettigrew, Author, Former Professional Model, Entrepreneur, USA

Cecilie Hguyen, Executive Assistant Manager, Vietnam - Coming soon!


Training & Consulting

Colleen Francisca, Branding Consultant, Singapore - Coming soon!
Kannan Ramakrishnan, Business Consultant, Singapore

Matthew Gideon, Business Consultant and Entrepreneur, Singapore
Stéphane-Laure, Professional Trainer and Speaker, HCMC, Vietnam

Zurina Bryant, Business Consultant, Singapore


And yes, we're always searching for new experts to add - from new industries, from new countries. Send us an email if you're looking for an expert in a particular field and we'll ask our team if they have any recommendations!

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