Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of speaking to an expert?

It's an opportunity for you to chat to someone in a field you're interested in, in a safe way! Ask as many questions, get as much feedback as you want!

Will you be adding in more experts?

Yes, we're always searching for new experts to add - from new industries, from new countries. Send us an email if you're looking for an expert in a particular field and we'll ask our team if they have any recommendations!

How are the conversations with experts held?

We will be using Zoom for our calls. For those under 18 - we'll need an adult to sit in at the beginning of the session. All session are recorded and kept as a record.

How do you choose your experts?

All experts come recommended by our founders and by our other experts.

I'm under 18 - does my parent have to attend the session?

Yes, parents are most welcomed to attend the session (at no extra charge) and in fact encouraged. A permission form will need to be signed for anyone doing a solo session under 18.

How long are the sessions and what do they cost?

We have a few options for you:

Introductory Session 15 mins - USD30
45 Minute Sessions - USD75

and if there is a group of you (3+ pax) the price will be USD30 per pax

What do I need to prepare for my session with an expert?

All you need is yourself, a note pad and a list of questions you'd like to ask your chosen expert.