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The Founder of Chit Chat Online

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" This is the age old question asked by relatives, teachers and friends. Some of us dream of being doctors and lawyers which have clear outlined paths, but the majority of us have less predictable career dreams and no idea how to get there. Hi, I’m Zurina and I’m the Founder of Chit Chat Online, a website which puts you in touch with career experts so you can find the answers to the question "what do I want to be when I grow up and how do I get there?

My own journey has been a mish-mash of opportunities and new experiences, I've worked in many organisations from advertising to coaching, from running a photography studio, managing health and wellness studios and running food and beverage businesses. In total I have started and successfully run five companies, three of which I am still active in. I have delved into many industries at various levels as I have pursued my interests and found my calling. A calling which a friend recently described as Innovative Entrepreneur. I love discovering new things and innovating business processes and I want to share this love and knowledge with you.

Starting Chit Chat Online was a discovery journey all on its own. My daughter Tasha came to me and spoke to me about her career interests. Careers I had brushed up against but had never personally experienced. She asked for help - this brought up the question - how would I help my daughter navigate this puzzle?

I contacted an individual I knew who was experienced in field she mentioned to me and asked if he would kindly speak to my daughter and answer all her questions. Someone who knew what it was to be in the industry and who had navigated their own path to success. We set up a time on Zoom and as Tasha spoke to her career expert (thank you Kamil Haque), my mind whirled. I could not possibly be the only parent whose teenager is confused and curious about careers. I could not be the only parent who needed expert advice so my child could enter the working world with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions for herself. We found this session so useful a second session was set up with another expert Cynthia MacQuarrie, in a corresponding field. Thus, Chit Chat Online was born.

Personally, I identify myself as a "connector" (read The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell). I am someone who knows a large number of people and am in the habit of making introductions. And I am here to make introductions for you. Introductions to the right person, who will not only inform you how you can achieve your goal but will also tell you the truth of how hard it will be to reach it. I could be the right person for you, or one of the many experts on the Chit Chat Online platform.

I look forward to talking to you and accompanying you on your learning journey into the world of careers.

Let's chit chat over this, click the book now tab.

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