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I enjoyed learning from Kamil Haque - he helped me work on my focus and directed me toward my objectives. He was empathetic and understanding of my needs - making the process for me easy and I'm very thankful. Thank you Kamil for helping to bring out the best in me - CM
I loved my session with Ri Chang - I learnt new things and was able to approach this session with an open mind - I was challenged by her and had a lively debate! Ri was not afraid to nudge an off-track discussion but yet, did it in a very safe way! - YC
I’ve learned so much from Mylinh Lee about the public relations industry, from client servicing to building media relations. Her exceptional professional competence, extensive knowledge & experience in the industry, unceasing passion for what she does, and strong leadership, sets a great example for anyone looking to enter the PR industry." - SR

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